Weird But Nice

Like most creative people, my passion for art spans over several different fields. I am always excited to learn a new craft or to start a new project. My Pinterest collection definitely shows the random variety of my interests. However, as I've navigated through the art world, two things have remained constant: photography and design.

It all began when I was 15, when my mom gave me her old Pentax film camera to use in my Intro to Photography class. I've been hooked every since. I started shooting for my school newspaper (where I also had my first taste of layout design). Then I moved on to shooting portraits, events, sports and everything in between.

In college I got more serious about graphic design when I was put on the creative team for our school's version of AdFed. I had many friends and teachers reach out to me and mentor me until I finally landed a small internship for my university. After college, I struggled to find a job, and freelanced for a few different companies, until I ended up at First Denton, an amazing church that has allowed me to grow in both design and photography.